• A MoodleMoot is a conference dedicated to users, developers, and administrators of the very popular open-source learning management system called Moodle. It lasts 3 days and is held in conference centers, universities, or similar facilities where a lot of people can meet and discuss Moodle. At Moodlemoot, you can take part in workshops, presentations, and forums, covering all aspects of integrating and using Moodle effectively in a learning environment.

    At Moodlemoot Philippines, we will stimulate growth in our community, as we share experiences, discuss new trends, collaborate in solving technical problems, and initiate partnerships. Within the 3 days, we will discuss how to use Moodle to effectively support new trends in education and in training.

    Our event with the theme “AI in Moodle: Transformative Teaching Technologies” aims to: 

    1. Bring together the Moodle community of practitioners and users such as educators, developers, administrators, and technology researchers to share experiences, and exchange research achievements and innovative developments using Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). 
    2. Showcase the power of AI tools in Moodle and the latest educational research and development related to Moodle LMS. 
    3. Facilitate forums, debates, networking, and professional development opportunities.


     You may visit the event website at https://nephilaweb.com.ph/










    • Teachers, educational administrators, software and content developers. HR and IT Managers who are seeking to upgrade their knowledge and skills, relentlessly pursue innovation, and seek better ways to use and apply teaching technologies, are highly encouraged to attend this premium learning and collaboration event.

      If you are an existing Moodle user, then you will surely pick up new ideas on how to use it more effectively as a teaching and research tool.

      If you are new to Moodle and eLearning, then you will surely be inspired and equipped to utilize it to upgrade your skills and your organization's tools and technologies, while being surrounded by superusers and advocates.

    • The event will be held at the Century Park Hotel, City of Manila, Philippines from May 22 to 24, 2024. 

      To book your stay you may contact Ms. Jhenelyn Jazelle Tan, Sales Manager at telephone numbers (+632)8528-5871 to 73, or you may email her at jjctan@centurypark.com.ph.

      The Century Park Hotel Map


    • Mr. Jun Pataleta, Lead for Integrations and Moodle Accessibility Champion, and Mr. Matt Porritt, Platform Manager and spearheading AI Developments in Moodle will be our keynote speakers, and they both work at the Moodle HQ.

      The event will be participated by various universities and colleges in the Philippines, in the government, and other industry sectors. You may visit the event website at https://nephilaweb.com.ph.

    • May 22, 2024: A Pre-Congress workshop in MoodleMoot takes place before the main conference. These workshops are intended to offer attendees a chance to gain in-depth training, hands-on experiences, and specialized learning opportunities related to Moodle.  Please click here for more details.

      May 23-24, 2024: The "Congress Proper" is the main part of MoodleMoot, where attendees can participate in keynote speeches, workshops, and breakout sessions focusing on different streams of (1) Moodle Research and Development Festival - Paper research (2) People and Organizations (3) Technical Sessions (4) Pedagogies and Instructional Design. These sessions discuss best practices in online teaching, e-learning strategies, and how to integrate Moodle effectively. It's a great opportunity for networking, sharing ideas, and learning how to make the most of Moodle in education. Please click here for more details.