Reflecting on the Enlightening Journey of MoodleMoot Philippines 2023 Conference

Reflecting on the Enlightening Journey of MoodleMoot Philippines 2023 Conference

by Sheryl Villaroman -
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As the curtains draw to a close, the MoodleMoot Philippines 2023 #MootPh23 conference leaves a trail of inspiration, collaboration, and groundbreaking insights for educators and e-learning enthusiasts in the Moodle Filipino community. Over the course of this event, passionate minds gathered, exchanged ideas, and propelled the Moodle learning platform to new heights. The vibrant atmosphere, coupled with engaging discussions and innovative presentations, has undoubtedly cemented MoodleMoot Philippines 2023 as an invaluable platform for learning and growth.

This Moodlemoot Philippines 2023 conference is a convergence of diverse learners from different industry sectors. As organizer of this event, we need to make sure that we’ve met our KPIs with all of you, and that is based on our objectives. We have learned a lot and collaborated with one another, shared best practices and experiences, exchange research achievements and showcase the latest innovative developments and educational research in Moodle.

To all our resource speakers, thank you for your invaluable contributions and for sharing your expertise with the Moodle Filipino community. What we learned in this conference will be part of our professional development as passionate educators and lifelong learners.

To all our clients, most especially, Integrated Micro-electronics Inc, Philippine Science High School, TESDA, SM Markets, Visayas State University, World Trade Center Manila, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture, Mariano Marcos State University, Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Foundation University, Asian Institute of Maritime Schools, and Northwest Samar State University who made their presence known in this event. Thank you very much for your support and for believing in us, it has been a wonderful partnership journey working with you all.

To our sponsors, Alibaba Cloud, AWS, StrikePlagiarism, iSpring, SM Markets, and Laguna Creamery from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your generous support in making this event possible.
To Max and Marie, the Moodle HQ team, thank you, with great humility, we are honored to be your partner. We are a firm and true believer of the open source project of Moodle, and an advocate of Open Source technology, and this passion and advocacy keeps the flame burning within us as a catalyst of change to provide solutions, especially in education.

It is my honor to be leading a young and passionate individuals in Nephila Web Technology, please allow me to extend my utmost gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of you who have shown commitment, hard work, and dedication in their jobs to reach our goals, most especially in this Moodlemoot Philippines 2023 event. We may not be a perfect team, but we always thrive and strive for excellence, let me say to each of you that I am immensely proud and grateful for all your output. Thank you for keeping your heads up high at tough times and for keeping your feet on the ground, thank you for showing your resilience.

And most of all, let us give thanks to God almighty for giving us the wisdom and strength to collaborate and share all the things that we have learned in MootPh23.

I shall now officially close Moodlemoot Philippines 2023. It is a successful conference with you all!

See you all at Moodlemoot Philippines 2024!

- Sheryl Villaroman, President & CEO, Nephila Web Technology

Dr. Ana Mirana is the Vice President of Academic Affairs for Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA), and NOT the Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Open University as shown in the video. Dr. Melinda Bandalaria is the Chancellor of the University of the Philippines Open University.

The AVP will be corrected and updated soon.