Speakers Guidelines


Speakership confirmation/ interest:

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February 29, 2024   

Presentation/ Research/ Workshop Submission: 

March 31, 2024

Abstract Submission (For Research Papers)

Please visit this link for the Abstract Format and Make your own copy.

Feb 29, 2024

Moodlemoot Philippines 2024 (Pre-congress)

May 22, 2024

Moodlemoot Philippines 2024 (Congress Proper)

May 23-24, 2024


  1. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. The following categories are welcome for submission; Categories and course management
    1. Full Research Paper: These include mainly accomplished research results and have 8 pages at the maximum (5,000 words). The allotted time for the presentation is 20 to 30 minutes.
    2. Presentations: These include topics showcasing recent developments and implementations of Moodle in your school or organization. General trends may be discussed here, as well as important issues in topics related to the conference. These have 4 pages at maximum (2,500 words). The allotted time for the presentation is 20 to 30 minutes.
    3. Workshop/ Tutorials:  Scholars or company or school representatives can propose Workshops/ Tutorials. A proposal of 1,250 words is expected. The allotted time for the presentation is 20 to 30 minutes.
    4. Sponsor’s Showcases and Exhibitions: This enables the sponsors to present their products and services through an exhibit booth. Also, they will be given an allotted time of 30 to 45 minutes to present at the plenary sessions depending on their chosen sponsorship tier.
    1. Moodle Research and Development Festival (Paper Research).
    2. People and Organization.
    3. Technical Sessions
    4. Pedagogies and Instructional Designs
    1. Meet and greet with the organizer, sponsors, and Moodlers from the Philippines and abroad.
    2. Free Moodlemoot Philippines 2024 T-shirt.
    3. A chance to meet and learn from Moodle experts.
    4. Automatic inclusion of name in the raffle draw.
    5. Token
    6. Certificate of Appreciation
    7. Enjoy other perks of the event.
Participants Coordinator Thalia Erika Del Mar: +63 956 083 6373 /moodleph@nephilaweb.com.ph
Speakers Coordinator Ricangela Sacdalan

+63 977 634 4539 / rica@nephilaweb.com.ph

Sponsors Coordinator Raven Azarcon +63967 614 9345 / info@nephilaweb.com.ph