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Moodlemoot Philippines conference, as organized by Nephila Web Technology, Inc. (NWTI), is a conference event dedicated to users, developers, and administrators of the open-source learning management system called Moodle.  Teachers, educational administrators, software developers, instructional designers or IT managers who may have success stories or insights about Moodle that they would like to share with the community, this conference is the avenue to let these stories be heard.

The Moodlemoot Philippines conference is coursed through the Learning Management System (LMS) platform of Moodle using the LMS website

Joining the conference allows the participants to share their experience with the LMS platform, as well as network and learn with professionals from the Education, Research and Development sectors.

Individuals or organizations who wish to join the Moodlemoot Philippines conference this year and the years thereafter, but do not wish to provide NWTI with their personal data, will not be able to participate in the conference activities and will not be given access to the LMS site.

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During the Moodlemoot activities, the following personal data is collected from its different participants:


  1. Full Name, Title, Organization, Position, and Photo of the speakers are requested for the purpose of properly introducing them during the conference.

  1. The professional profile and work background of the speakers are collected by the Conference Organizers and used to properly introduce the speakers during their scheduled presentations and posted in the LMS site. 

  1. Email address is collected for proper communication with the speakers before, during, and after the event.

  1. To confirm the attendance of the speakers in the conference, their Contact Numbers are also collected. 

  1. Especially during this time of Community Quarantines, the Home Addresses are requested from the speakers to allow the Conference Organizers have their Tokens of Appreciation delivered to their home.

  2. Emergency Contact Person's Name, Address and Contact No. are also collected if in case of emergencies and concern related to the participant has occurred during the duration of the event.


  1. Full Name and their respective Titles are collected for the purpose of issuing Training Certificates.

  1. School or Organization, Position, and Photo are also collected for the purpose of <for the issuance of Official Receipts, to properly recognize participants as to what company/ school they are representing (School or Organization and Position), and since the event is a social gathering they can be easily recognized through their photo but it is optional.  >

  1. Email and Contact Number are required from the participants and used to confirm their attendance to the Moodlemoot conference, as well as receiving follow-ups and updates related to the event.

  2. Emergency Contact Person's Name, Address and Contact No. are also collected if in case of emergencies and concern related to the participant has occurred during the duration of the event.

Moodlemoot event activities are recorded, and the Conference Organizers would regularly capture different moments of the conference to document the event.


The following are the various other uses of the collected personal data from the attendees and speakers of the Moodlemoot Philippines conferences.

Marketing Team

Speaker profiles and photos captured during the event are posted in Social Media as well as in the NWTI website.

The Conference Organizers will send email blasts and marketing materials informing recipients of other free and paid educational events and learning activities of NWTI.

Sending reminders and confirmation of attendance to registered activities, as well as sending other promotions and proposals.

Sending calendar invites for scheduled meetings.

Analysis of trends and demands, analyzing engagement with email campaigns as well as website activity such as page views and form submissions, and conducting market study.

LMS Team

Personal data collected allows NWTI to provide access to the LMS platform for the participants and send Moodlemoot Philippines conferences activities.

Registered participants to accomplish survey forms, post feedback and testimonials about the conference.  Also allows NWTI to respond to inquiries, issues, or concerns submitted through these survey forms and feedback. 

Site customization, to post the profiles of confirmed conference speakers.

Accounting Department

Sending invoices and official receipts to the registered participants of the conference.


Sending of gifts, token, official receipts and contacting the emergency contact person if in case of emergencies.

Disclose and Share

Sponsors of the Moodlemoot Philippines conference will be given access to the LMS platform and can view the personal data of registered participants.

All participants can view the personal data of other registered participants through the LMS platform.  The following is the list personal data viewable by other participants:

  • Full Name, School or Organization, and Position

  • Posted information on the Moodlemoot forums.

Through forums and group messages within the LMS platform or posted messages in Social Media and Youtube, participants can view personal data of other participants.

All participants can view the personal data of other participants during Q&A and Open Forums of live events of the conference.

Storage, Retention, and Destruction or Disposal


Personal data of all attendees, speakers, and participants are stored in the NWTI CRM and Google Drive File Repository.


Personal information about all conference attendees is stored by NWTI at the LMS Website and NWTI CRM until requested by the individuals to be deleted.

NWTI retains personal data of conference attendees for as long as necessary for the purpose of sending future invites to free and paid educational events and learning activities and promotions.


Personal data stored on the Moodlemoot Philippines conference site is no longer accessible once the site is shutdown or until requested by the individuals to be deleted.

CCTV Notice

The event venue and premises are equipped with CCTV cameras which capture, records, and stores the data according to their business policies. They can share the footage to relevant units which may determine your identity, actions and whereabouts. Your footage may be recorded for a longer duration and processed in other means if it involved in or of use to a security matter.

By entering these premises, you consent to the capture, recording, processing, and sharing of all information directly and indirectly obtained by CCTV cameras.


NWTI has taken steps to minimize or prevent unauthorized processing / access / disclosure, malicious intent, improper disposal of personal information, and access due to negligence.

The Moodle LMS site transmits data using SSL.

NTWI also implements User Access Controls that prohibits unauthorized access to stored personal data.

NWTI has implemented other reasonable physical, technical, and organizational security measures such as encrypting the information stored in the Moodle LMS site, conducting vulnerability assessments, and the like.  These ensure the protection and maintain confidentiality, availability, and integrity of all collected personal data.

Data Privacy Rights of all Registered Speakers and Participants of the Moodlemoot Philippines 2021 Conference

All registered Speakers and Participants of the conference have the right to request for access to their personal data submitted to NWTI.  If personal data is found to be incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant, conference attendees have the right to request for correction and/or destruction of their personal information.

When Speakers or Participants request for their personal data to be removed or deleted from the storage of NWTI, all user data along with forum messages, feedback inquiries, enrolled courses and training, and all other information relating or connected to the LMS user are deleted from the LMS platform and other mediums where they are stored.

A detailed description of the conference attendee’s rights as Data Subjects under Republic Act No. 10173 (or the Data Privacy Act of 2012) can be found in:


These rights can be exercised by sending NWTI an email, with an attached ID or equivalent details, where requested by NWTI and permitted by law.  If the request is submitted by a person other than the inquiring conference attendee, without providing evidence that the request is legitimately made on the attendee’s behalf, the request is rejected.  Please note that any identification information provided to NWTI will only be processed in accordance with, and to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

Data Privacy requests, concerns, or inquiries may be sent to:

Jennie May V. Alvarez, CPA

Data Protection Officer

Philippine Social Science Center, Commonwealth Ave.

Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

T: (+632) 8285-7450 

M: +63 9175878851